Om Track Obd GPS


  •   1 Year Sim Recharge Free
  •  5 Year Software Recharge Free
  • 5 Year Warranty


Om Track is GPS Tracking service provider in PAN India, having professionally advanced software tracking platform. Our platform is been used by more than 100000+ users across India. With our best in class tracking software, with lots of advanced features end users and businesses track there vehicles and gives them peace of mind. Om Track is a compact GPS tracking and security device that helps you manage your vehicle and makes it ultra secure. Simply connect GPS Tracking Device into your vehicle and get instant access to valuable insights about your vehicle right from your smartphone. Inside mini there is a highly sensitive GPS chip which sends vehicle’s accurate location to our cloud servers and you can watch your vehicle’s live location with 3 months driving history on our user friendly android & iOS mobile app as well as on your desktop or tablet. Our application is compatible with more than 1000+ GPS devices available in the market.


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